Galaxy Computational Chemistry Community of Practice

We are a mix of users, developers, and trainers providing feedback and energy to improve and expand the <>. Do you use Galaxy <>? Do you have feedback for us? Want to be a tester of new resources? Want to impact the future of Computational Chemistry in Galaxy? Are you a developer looking for a place to play? Are you developing Galaxy Computational Chemistry materials and want to stay aware of what others are doing in this field?

Welcome to the Galaxy Computational Chemistry Community!

I'm just trying to learn to analyse my data, how did I get there?

Hello user! You'll be interested in the following resources:

Saying that, we'd absolutely love to have users feedback on their experiences to help us improve. You'd be very welcome to join the Special Interest Group to help improve the Computational Chemistry experience in Galaxy!

What are the goals of the <> community of practice?

🎯 Goals

  • Prevent work duplication
  • Collaborate across pipeline, ensuring users feedback to developers
  • Identify community needs
  • Tool & tutorial development
  • Testing
  • Build & support user community
  • \<Modify/adapt the above>

Who are we looking for?

Anyone with energy! We love hearing from users, developers, trainers, and everyone in between who is using or developing Galaxy for Computational Chemistry analysis.

How do we function?

We are mostly communicating in via our 💬 chat forum. There we discuss new ideas and any news relevent with our community. We are also represented in the Galaxy Community Reps chat group.

When people ask for help or are working across institutes, we set up chat sub-channels to bring them together.

How can you join & other important links

Start by joining our 💬Matrix channel and introduce yourself! (Or you can just lurk there for a bit!)

How is Galaxy used for Computational Chemistry?

Projects / Showcases

Below is a list of projects involving members of this community:

ProjectDescriptionTechniquesSequencingAnalysesPeople involvedFundingStatus
IRIDAThe Integrated Rapid Infectious Disease AnalysisAaron Petkau
Foodborne pathogen detectionMetagenomicsLong readsBérénice Batut, Engy NasrEOSC-Life for 2022Ongoing


PartnersDescriptionPeople involved
Seq4AMRJPIAMR Network for Integrating Microbial Sequencing and Platforms for Antimicrobial ResistanceSaskia Hilteman
ELIXIR Emerging Microbiome CommunityBérénice Batut
µbioinfo Slack
Logo for Galaxy Computational Chemistry

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