Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Active Galaxy communities are encouraged to form and govern their own SIG, with a focus on specific shared interests. Each SIG may elect one member to represent their interests on the Galaxy Community Board. This is analogous to the Galaxy Technical Board, consisting of representatives of the Working Groups (WG).

In the following you will find a list of current active Special Interest Groups. If you can't find yourself in this list we always welcome new SIGs. Please read more about the GCB and SIGs and on how to set up your own.

Directory of Special Interest Groups

Communities of Practice


Community-driven metabolomics Galaxy service. The main aim is to give people a public space to discover and run metabolomics tools.


A web platform to get, process, analyze and visualize ecological data.

Genome Annotation

Galaxy as a platform for the annotation of genomes.


The Climate Science workbench is a comprehensive set of analysis tools and consolidated workflow.


Galaxy-based platform for the functional analysis and the interpretation of proteomics and transcriptomics data in biomedical research.

Natural Language Processing

An open, interoperable web service platform for natural language processing (NLP) research and development.


Anything regarding microbial data analysis in Galaxy, with meetings, working groups, chat and mailing list

Public Health

Announcements and discussion in the Galaxy Public Health Community.

Small Scale Admins

Admins of small scale Galaxy servers.

Machine Learning

A comprehensive set of data preprocessing, machine learning, deep learning and visualisation tools, and consolidated workflows for end-to-end machine learning analysis.

Materials Science

A Galaxy workbench with tools and workflows for materials science, including muon spectroscopy.

Single cell & sPatial Omics

The Single cell and sPatial Omics Community (🖖🏾SPOC) unites tool developers, trainers and users to help connect outreach, user needs, and computationalists.

Computational Chemistry

Group of computational chemistry tool developers, trainers and users to help connect outreach, user needs, and computationalists.

Regional Communities


The Galaxy Arabic speaking community supports Galaxy activity for the Arabic speaking community and Arabic speaking regions of the world.


Australian Galaxy community.


Česká komunita Galaxy / Czech Galaxy Community.


The European Galaxy Community and the European Galaxy Server.


Galaxy in the French-speaking world.


Galaxy in the United Kingdom.

Scientific Projects

The global community is running a set of scientific multi-year-long projects which includes these areas:

Cancer Informatics

This project emphasizes applying Galaxy in cancer research.

Human Genetics

This project emphasizes applying Galaxy in human research.


This project emphasizes analysis of SARS-CoV-2.


Collaboration Between VGP and Galaxy Project for free and easy access to large genome assembly workflows.