Earth data analysis in Galaxy

Whether you are analysing geosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, in short all Earth related sciences this is the place to be!

What is available?


Tools for earth data analysis are freely available in the ToolShed which can be installed on any Galaxy server.

If tools are missing or information is not up-to-date in the list, please help us! Contact Marie or Jérôme about it.

Workflows and tutorials

Several curated Galaxy workflows are publicly available for different kinds of earth data analysis. Many of these are accompanied by comprehensive GTN Tutorials that will guide you through the analysis step by step.

Something missing in the list below? Feel free to update the page or reach to us


TargetAnalysisGTN TutorialWorkflow
Coastal water dynamicsOceanographic study
Biogeochemical and physical ocean studyOceanographic study


TargetAnalysisGTN TutorialWorkflow
Land degradationLand study


TargetAnalysisGTN TutorialWorkflow
Marine omicsMarine biodiversity study
Biodiversity data explorationBiodiversity state of the art


TargetAnalysisGTN TutorialWorkflow
VolcanoVolcanic eruption atmosphere study

Want to include your workflow here? Let us know!

A dedicated interface

Two dedicated interfaces with tools and workflows for earth data analyses can be accessed :

Training material and events

The Galaxy community organizes regularly training events. You can check the event pages here to get the last ones.

How is Galaxy used for earth data analysis?

Projects / Showcases

Below is a list of projects involving members of this community:

EOSC FAIR-EASEA new approach to observation and modelling of the Earth System, Environment and Biodiversity
EOSC AquaINFRADevelops data and services to support marine and freshwater scientists and stakeholders

Join us

Anybody interested in earth data analysis in Galaxy is welcome to join earth galaxy community! Everybody is Welcome!