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Galaxy Working Groups

Distributing project guidance to the community

Keywords: Tactical emphasis, short and medium term planning, area/domain/component focused, applied

Galaxy has grown a lot over the years, going from a project at one university in 2005 to the global community it is today. Several parts of the Galaxy ecosystem have become avowedly and obviously community driven during that time, including tools, code, training, and several other international efforts. Galaxy Working Groups push this global model to other areas of Galaxy as well. Working groups are an integral part of the Galaxy Governance Model.

Initial set of Working Groups

The initial proposal includes these areas:


Focus on Galaxy administration and maintenance.


Focus on the Galaxy server code and architecture.

User Interface / User Experience

The UI / UX group focuses on the Galaxy user interface and experience. We work on the parts of Galaxy that end users see.

Testing & Hardening

Testing and hardening the Galaxy ecosystem, developing and maintaining test infrastructure.


Focuses on installing Galaxy and where Galaxy meets the bare or virtual metal.


Tool use is what Galaxy enables. This group works on improving Galaxy's tools ecosystem.


This group builds the standards and ecosystem for execution, testing, publishing and improving workflows, workflow features and workflow performance.

Outreach & Training

Coordinate and guide Galaxy's Outreach & Training efforts.


User, admin, and developer support and documentation.

Scientific Applications

This group emphasizes Galaxy support for scientific domains that are not already covered by other domain-focused working groups.

Cancer Informatics

This domain-focused working group emphasizes applying Galaxy in cancer research.

Human Genetics

This domain-focused working group emphasizes applying Galaxy in human research.

More to Come

This is an initial, but by no means exhaustive or final list of working groups. New working groups will be added as needs are identified.

All Working Groups

Communications across working groups.

  • Gitter Chat

    • Please condsider joining if you are involved in any working group.


In reverse chronological order:

2021-01-07: Launch follow up

This call was a follow up to see how our first month went, and how goal setting and tracking from 2021-Q1 was going. The recording of that call is available.

2020-12-10: Launch

Galaxy Working Groups were launched on the December 10, 2020 Galaxy Developer Roundtable call. The recording of that call is available.