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Galaxy @ JOBIM 2018

l’occasion de découvrir les avancées scientifiques et techniques en analyse, comparaison et exploitation des données biologiques

Galaxy was presented at JOBIM 2018, in Marseille, France, 3-6 July.

Topic Contact
PiRATE v2: detection, classification and annotation of transposable elements of non-model organisms Jeremy Berthelier
BIPAA, Bioinformatics Platform for the Agroecosystems Arthropods Stephanie Robin
Identification de marques ´epig´en´etiques marqueurs de pr´edisposition aux maladies m´etaboliques Jeremy Tournayre
New 10x Genomics and SMART-seq2 workflows for single-cell RNA-seq data analysis using Eoulsan Geoffray Brelurut
FoodMicrobiome Transfert : Web based Metagenomic Analysis Quentin Cavaille
Galaxy-based Interactive ANalysis of Transcriptomic data (GIANT): A modular Galaxy pipeline as an alternative to licenced softwares for analyzing transcriptomic data Julie Dubois-Chevalier
The CRCM Integrative Bioinformatics (Cibi) platform, an o↵er of service in latest bioinformatics technologies for large scale data analysis in biology Ghislain Bidaut
South Green, une plateforme de bioinformatique tourn´ee vers l’agriculture dans les pays du sud Sebastien Ravel
MetaFoldScan: a pipeline to scan metagenomes and identify structural homologs using HMM Sandra Derozier
The Role of User-Centred Design When Revisiting a Scientific Web Application : Redesign of iPPI-DB, a database for modulators of Protein-Protein Interactions Rachel Torchet
The journey of a team of engineers in learning packaging technology Valentin Marcon
AuBi platform for biologists and bioinformaticians at UCA Mesocentre Nadia Goue
Taking tools out of their laboratory: methods and practices to make bioinformatics tools accessible Valentin Marcon
The bio.tools portal of bioinformatics tools and services Kenzo-Hugo Hillion
ProteoRE, a Galaxy-based infrastructure for annotating and interpreting proteomics data Florence Combes