Galaxy @ ASMS 2020

Galaxy (and especially the Galaxy-P Project) will again have a strong presence at ASMS. Want to learn more? Plan to attend these presentations:

Date Time* Topic Presenter
Wed Jun 3 10:00a-11:30a Multi-omics Research using Mass Spectrometry Pratik Jagtap, Susan Weintraub, Timothy Griffin
On Demand MP 136: Democratizing DIA analysis on public cloud infrastructures via Galaxy Matthias Fahrner
On Demand WP 312: Evaluating customized database generation methods for metaproteomics analysis Subina Mehta
On Demand ThP 270: FAIR mass spectrometry imaging data analysis of an urothelial carcinoma dataset in a single open-source platform Melanie Christine Föll
On Demand ThP 302: An automated, accessible proteogenomic pipeline for high confidence detection and rigorous validation of novel peptide sequence variants in Galaxy-P Andrew T. Rajczewski
On Demand MOE: A Galaxy-based meta-omic approach for characterizing microbiome functional dynamics via integrated metaproteomics and metatranscriptomics abundance analysis Pratik Dilip Jagtap

* Times are Houston / US Central time.