Galaxy-E at SORTEE 2021

Open, reliable, and transparent ecology research with Galaxy-E

SORTEE 2021 brings together researchers working to improve reliability and transparency through cultural and institutional changes in ecology, evolutionary biology, and related fields. The conference will feature social events, 'unconference' discussions, hackathons, workshops, short presentations, and six plenary presentations.

Galaxy-E is a web platform to get, process, analyze and visualize ecological data, and it will have 3 events at SORTEE 2021:

Date EU Central US Eastern Topic Contact
TBD Workshop: FAIRness for Biodiversity data and analysis Yvan Le Bras
TBD Talk: Galaxy-E : A practical way to propose accessible, reproducible and transparent analysis of Ecology data Yvan Le Bras
TBD Hackathon: Galaxy-E : Develop new tools and/or e-learning material Yvan Le Bras

Registration for SORTEE 2021 is free.