63rd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics 63rd ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

    St. Louis, Missouri, United States

    May 31 - June 4, 2015

    Galaxy will again have a strong presence at the 2015 ASMS meeting.

    Day Time Location Presentation Speaker Links
    June 1 5:45 Room 123/124 Workshop: The Galaxy Framework for MS-based Informatics See below
    June 2 8:50 Room 130/132 The quest for novel proteoforms: integration of proteomics and ribosome profiling based translatomics Gerben Menschaert Slides
    9:50 Room 130/132 SearchGUI and PeptideShaker deployed in the Galaxy framework: A powerful informatics platform for protein identification and beyond Ira Cooke
    10:30 Poster Session, Odd Numbered Poster TP 127: Democratizing and expanding the reach of DIA Mass Spectrometry: Developing OpenSWATH tools and workflows within user-friendly Galaxy-P platform. Pratik Jagtap Poster
    Poster TP 131: Plugging Proteomics Peptide-Spectral Match Visualization into Galaxy James Johnson Poster
    12:00 Poster Session, Even Numbered Poster TP 366: Metaproteomic analysis of human cervical-vaginal fluid in residual Pap tests: Insights into the cervical microbiome Tim Griffin
    Poster TP 638: Revealing Pathways In COPD-Associated Lung Cancer Large-Scale Quantitative Multiomic Analysis Brian Sandri
    June 4 10:30 Poster Session, Odd Numbered Poster ThP 455: A Novel Analytical-Informatics Platform Reveals the Hidden Tryptic Peptidome and Improves Multi-omic Applications Candace Guerrero
    Poster ThP 467: Combining ribosome profiling and proteomics to discover micropeptides, translation products from small open reading frames Volodimir Olexiouk Poster
    12:00 Poster Session, Even Numbered Poster ThP 468: Automated classification of translated genomic elements identified by proteomics informed by transcriptomics Shyamasree Saha

    Workshop 4: The Galaxy Framework for MS-based Informatics

    Monday, 5:45-7:00 PM, Room 123/124
    Tim Griffin (presiding), University of Minnesota

    This workshop will provide attendees a look at some emerging applications in biological MS that are challenging to researchers, and where Galaxy offers an informatics solution. Informal presentations will be given by experts on these applications, with a focus on providing useful details on how these software and workflows can be accessed and used immediately. Audience questions and discussion on usability and other issues will be fielded and facilitated. An informal panel discussion with the presenters will follow the presentations.

    Presenters and expected topics will include:

    Talk Topic Speaker Links
    1. The Proteoformer Pipeline for RiboProfiling and MS-based Proteomics Gerben Menschaert, Ghent University
    2. Galaxy-based PeptideShaker tools and applications, with a focus on downstream applications Ira Cooke, La Trobe University / Pratik Jagtap, University of Minnesota Slides
    3. Targeted Proteomics tools in Galaxy Shyamasree Saha, Queen Mary University of London

    Ample time will be offered for questions from attendees and discussion. Presenters will be available for an informal panel discussion in the final part of the workshop.

    Galaxy-P at ASMS 2015


    You are encouraged to print this handy flyer prepared by the Galaxy-P Project and take with you.