Breakouts are informal, open discussion sessions where participants interested in a particular topic gather to discuss that topic.

Ann Black-Ziegelbein
Automation Strategies for Data, Tools, & Config
Brad Chapman, John Chilton, Enis Afgan, Dave Bouvier and Jen Jackson
Bioinformatics Training and Teaching with Galaxy
Dave Clements
Galaxy API and Extending it; Workflow Enhancements
Clare Sloggett, Scott McManus
Galaxy End User Group
Jane Dorweiler

There was discussion of merging the GalaxyCzars and Automation Strategies for Data, Tools, & Config breakouts. However, this wasn't been done because the emphases of the two breakouts is distinct:

  • Automation Strategies has a narrow focus on automating deployment of genomes, tools, data libraries and such.
  • GalaxyCzars is about the breadth of issues facing those deploying and managing Galaxy installations.