Using Galaxy's Web Interface

GCC2014 BoFs!

This page describes the Using Galaxy's Web InterfaceBirds of a Feather meetup being held at GCC2014.

When: Wednesday, July 2, 12:15 pm (lunch)

Where: East Room 304

Contact: Jennifer Hillman-Jackson & Karen Reddy


Curious about the Galaxy web interface and available functions? Want a refresher about objects and terminology? Or perhaps are interested in learning about how the latest features fit into the bigger usage picture when performing analysis? Come join us!

The session content will be largely driven by the needs and interests of the participants! Bring laptop to follow along BUT know that specific analysis questions will NOT be addressed during the BofF ( to get help WILL be covered!).


Whether you are a scientific Galaxy user yourself, or someone that administrates a Galaxy instance, this session is an opportunity to both learn about core concepts and ask questions while exploring live. Experienced Galaxy users will be on hand to help so that we can break out into distinct groups as needed.

When and Where

Wednesday, July 2, 12:15 pm (lunch) in the East Room 304

Who is Participating

If you are interested, please add your name below and/or send an email to [Your Name](mailto:your AT email DOT address).

  • [Jennifer Hillman-Jackson](mailto:jen AT galaxyproject DOT org)
  • [Karen Reddy](mailto:kdreddy4 AT jhmi DOT edu)
  • [Mo Heydarian](mailto:mheydar1 AT jhmi DOT edu)
  • Add your name

Session Content

A live demo of the public Main Galaxy instance was not possible. As an alternate solution, participants used their own laptops and instructions for navigation were given. Discussion occurred freely as each area was reviewed.

Tour of Galaxy's learning resources included:

  • Resources: public Main Galaxy wiki at
    • Learn, all resources including: video, object wikis, tutorials
    • Support, general
    • Events, how to navigate and drill-down into workshop slides (using specific examples as models)
    • Biostar (now, including searches) and Mailing lists
    • Google custom searches, general
  • Resources: public Main Galaxy instance
    • Reminders about of core objects, layout, definitions (mirrored earlier slide content)
    • Tool help and Biostar link-outs
    • Tutorials and Supplementals included in Pages
    • Levels of Sharing
    • Created a Page (request)


  • In future GCCs, a dedicated introduction session would benefit both Galaxy's newest scientific informatics users and new/existing developers seeking a big picture usage overview.
  • The User Interface is rich with features. More could be offered to explain nomenclature and functionality from documented use-cases in plainly given examples.
  • It was suggested that primary (Learn, Pages) and alternate (Events: Workshops) learning resources be organized in topic-oriented groupings. Keywords?


Send them to [Jennifer Hillman-Jackson](mailto:jen AT galaxyproject DOT org) with a clear subject line!