Data management challenges for larger Galaxy installations

GCC2015 BoFs!

This page describes the Data management challenges for larger galaxy installations Birds of a Feather meetup being held at GCC2015.

When: Wednesday, 8 July, 12:30 (Lunch)

Where:: Franklin Room, JICCC

Contact:: Brad Langhorst


This is a group for people doing large scale analysis using galaxy. Some issues we might share: - disk usage - optimal cluster usage - aggregating results - shared storage vs. object storage - similar analysis on hundreds to thousands of input datasets


People using Galaxy to process large numbers of files

When and Where

Wednesday, 8 July, 12:30 (Lunch), in the Franklin Room, JICCC

Who is Participating

If you are interested, please add your name below and/or send an email to Brad Langhorst, or just show up.


Send them to Brad Langhorst.