Birds of a Feather (BoF) Flock Together at GCC2015

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There is no better place than a Galaxy Community Conference to meet and learn from others doing data-intensive biology. GCC2015 will continue this tradition by again including Birds of a Feather (BoF) meetups. Birds of a Feather meetups are informal gatherings where participants group together based on common interests.

BoF meetups are encouraged throughout GCC2015. We particularly want to encourage BoFs that flock at the end of each day, when time and space have been allocated for them.

GCC2015 BoFs

Common Workflow LanguageWednesday, 8 July, 18:00Franklin Room, JICCCTalk with CWL founders & enthusiasts Research software engineers, analysts, developers, and the like.
Data management challenges for larger galaxy installationsWednesday, 8 July, 12:30 (Lunch)Franklin Room, JICCCData management challenges for larger Galaxy installations.People using Galaxy to process large numbers of files
Data Splitting and ParallelismTuesday, 7 July, 12:30 (lunch)Watson Room, JICCCDeveloper focused meeting to discuss data splitting and parallelism in GalaxyDevelopers interested in working on internals Galaxy itself
ELIXIR-Galaxy WorkshopTuesday, 7 July, 18:00Genome Seminar Room, in the nearby The Genome Analysis Center (TGAC)Discuss technical strategy across the ELIXIR pan-European bioinformatics infrastructure with regards the provision of Galaxy services and infrastructureAny group using or planning to use Galaxy
Extended WorkflowsWednesday, 8 July, 12:30 (lunch)Watson Room, JICCCThis BoF is intended to extend the earlier training session on advanced workflows.Those who attended the workflow training session and want to dig in more!
Friends of the Tool ShedTuesday, 7 July, 20:30we meet at the utilities distribution approaches available to Galaxy and praise the ShedTool developers and Shed enthusiasts
GalaxyAdminsTuesday, 7 July, 18:20Franklin Room, JICCCThe annual in-person gathering of the GalaxyAdmins groupIf you manage a Galaxy instance, this BoF is for you
Galaxy Community UK BoFWednesday, 8th July. 18:00 (6pm)Watson Room, JICCCMeeting of the Galaxy Community from the United Kingdom and IrelandGalaxy Users/Devs/Admins from the British Isles and Ireland (and everybody else who's interested, we're called @GalaxyUKFriends after all).
GalaxyScientistsTuesday, 7 July, 12:30 (Lunch)Franklin Room, JICCCNew Community Group? aka "GalaxyUsers, GalaxyAnalysts, "GalaxyDataTypes"Scientists using Galaxy interested in getting INVOLVED!
Galaxy Training NetworkMonday, 6 July, 18:50Franklin Room, JICCCA BoF for people who want to teach the use of Galaxy or use Galaxy as a bioinformatics training tool. Let's get together and talk about resource requirements, available learning material etc..Anyone interested in using Galaxy for bioinformatics and related learning and teaching. People who need to support such activities.

BoF Support

The conference enables and encourages BoFs by

  • Encouraging conference participants to organize BoFs
  • Use this wiki page as a hub for BoFs at GCC2015.
  • Promote BoFs to all conference participants, over and over, both before and during the conference.
  • Coordinate and reserve rooms for BoFs, and allocate time in the schedule for them too.