BOSC 2012   ISMB 2012 # Galaxy at ISMB and BOSC 2012

    Galaxy had a significant presence at ISMB and BOSC 2012. This page lists known Galaxy related events and presentations.

    Date Event Time Title & Presenter Links
    Wednesday July 11 OpenBio Codefest 2012 All Day Enis Afgan and Dannon Baker of the the Galaxy Team will participate. Report
    Thursday July 12
    Friday July 13 BOSC 11:35-12:00 MGTAXA - a toolkit and a Web server for predicting taxonomy of the metagenomic sequences with Galaxy front-end and parallel computational back-end, Andrey Tovchigrechko, JCVI slides
    Saturday July 14 10:45-11:00 GenomeSpace: An open source environment for frictionless bioinformatics, Michael Reich, Broad Institute slides
    11:00-11:15 Galaxy Project Update, Dannon Baker, Emory University slides
    11:15-11:30 Zero to a Bioinformatics Analysis Platform in 4 Minutes, Enis Afgan, Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) and Victorian Life Science Computation Initiative (VLSCI) slides
    2:40-2:55 A Framework for Interactive Visual Analysis of NGS Data using Galaxy, Jeremy Goecks, Emory University slides
    Sunday July 15 ISMB 2012 12:15-12:40 TT06 - The Taverna Server: Executing Scientific Workflows Remotely, Katy Wolstencroft, University of Manchester
    2:30-2:55 TT08: Interactive Visual Analysis of NGS Data using Trackster and Galaxy, Jeremy Goecks, Emory University Slides
    3:00-3:25 TT10: The first biomedical AppStore: Galaxy Tool Shed, Greg von Kuster, Penn State University Slides
    Monday July 16 10:45-11:10 TT15 - GenomeSpace: An environment for frictionless bioinformatics, Michael Reich, Broad Institute
    11:45-12:10 WK3 - Part C: Running a Bioinformatics Help Desk: from drawing colorful plasmid maps to working with Hi Seq Data, Hans-Rudolf Hotz, Friedrich Miescher Institute Slides
    12:40-2:30 Poster A33: A large-scale microbial whole genome sequencing pipeline for outbreak investigation, Natalie Knox, Public Health Agency of Canada
    Poster AA07: GenomeSpace: An environment for frictionless bioinformatics, Michael Reich, Broad Institute poster
    Poster E09: LIMS and Bioinformatics Support for the GLBRC Seed-to-Biofuels Research Pipeline, Yury Bukhman, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center poster
    Poster G19: RNA-Seq Analysis of Eucalyptus Genotypes that Differ in Carbon Allocation, Adhemar Zerlotini, EMBRAPA
    Poster K01: BiocaNet: Central American Bioinformatics Network, Allan Orozco Central American Bioinformatics Institutional Network (BiocaNET)
    Poster S07: BE Seeker 2: Enhanced algorithm for analysis of large scale BS and RRBS data, Petko Fiziev University of California, Los Angeles
    Poster U17: Bioinformatics Tools and Analysis for RAD Tag Analysis of Incipient Speciation, Lauren Assour University of Notre Dame
    Tuesday July 17 12:40-2:30 Poster A50: Enabling the reuse of methods while unraveling the epigenetic factors of Huntington's Disease, Marco Roos, Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre
    Poster E12: Managing complex bioinformatics pipelines through PyPedia and MOLGENIS, Marcel Kempenaar, University Medical Center Groningen
    Poster U28: Data Intensive Academic Grid (DIAG): A Computational Cloud Infrastructure Designed for Bioinformatics Analysis, Anup Mahurkar Institute for Genome Sciences
    Poster U36: Nebula - a web-server for advanced ChIP-Seq data analysis, Valentina Boeva, Institut Curie poster
    Poster U52: Lessons learned from RNA-Seq Read Alignment Evaluations, Andre Kahles, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center