Galaxy @ PAG 2012

    Galaxy @ Plant and Animal Genome (PAG 2012)

    Galaxy had a strong presence at Plant and Animal Genome XX (PAG 2012), January 14-18 in San Diego, California:

    Date Time Topic Session Contact
    January 15
    1:40-2:10 The Galaxy Platform: running analyses in the cloud Cloud Computing Dannon Baker
    January 16
    10:00:11:30 P698: Developing Tools for Genomic Analysis in a Wide Bulb Onion (Allium cepa L.) Cross Poster Session
    Even Numbers
    John A. McCallum
    P936: DDBJ Sequence Read Archive and a cloud-computing based annotation tool for new-generation sequencing data Hideki Nagasaki
    3:00-4:30 P87: GMOD in the Cloud (PDF) Poster Session
    Odd Numbers
    Scott Cain
    January 18
    10:30-11:30 Galaxy (slides: PDF) GMOD Workshop Dave Clements
    11:35-11:50 MAPHiTS: an efficient workflow for SNP detection Computer Demo (PDF, video) Marc Bras

    There is also a full slate of GMOD related content as well.


    Galaxy Related Events @ PAG 2012
    Going to PAG? Print out a copy of the Galaxy @ PAG 2012 flier. Want to help get the word out about Galaxy? Take several copies with you.