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Galaxy @ PAG 2016

Galaxy @ Plant and Animal Genome (PAG 2016)

Galaxy will be at Plant and Animal Genome XXIV (PAG 2016), being held in San Diego, California, United States, January 9-13. This page will describe everything related to Galaxy that is happening at PAG that we know about. If you know of something else, then [please tell us about it](mailto:outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org).

Date Time Topic Session Links Contact
January 10
12:22-12:26 TreeGenes: Enabling Visualization and Analysis in Forest Tree Genomics Forest Tree, Sunrise - Meeting House Emily Grau
January 11
10:00-11:30 P0322: TreeGenes: Enabling Visualization and Analysis in Forest Tree Genomics Poster Session Emily Grau
P0356: Web-Based Bioinformatics Workflows for RNA-Seq Data Analysis in Agricultural Animal Species RNA-Seq Portal Weizhong Li
1:10-1:30 C09: Web Portal for Next Generation RNA-seq Sequence Computation and Analysis for Agricultural Animal Species Computer Demo Session 2, California Room RNA-Seq Portal, Slides Weizhong Li
2:10-2:30 C12: Integrated, Accurate and Multi-Environment Structural Variation Discovery from Whole Genome Sequencing Data with NGSEP Slides, NGSEP Project, NGSEP for Galaxy Jorge A. Duitama Castellanos
3:00-4:30 P0323: Hardwood Genomics Database (HGD): A Genomic and Genetic Web-Database for Hardwood Trees Research Poster Session Ming Chen
January 12
4:00-6:10 Galaxy for SNP and Variant Data Analysis Workshop, California Room Slides Dave Clements
January 13
11:25-11:50 Galaxy Community Update GMOD, Golden West Slides Dave Clements