Galaxy Community Conferences (GCCs)

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2021 Galaxy Community Conference
2020 Bioinformatics Community Conference
2019 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019)
2018 Galaxy Community and BOSC  Conference (GCCBOSC 2018)
2017 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2017)
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2015 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2015)
GCC2014, June 30-July2
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Galaxy Community Conferences are the flagship event of the Galaxy community. GCCs gather together data-intensive researchers, bioinformaticians, service and infrastructure providers, and research data publishers for a week-long event all about data-intensive biology.

If you want to know about Galaxy, and how to enable researchers to explore, run, share, and publish their own analyses, then there is no better place than a Galaxy Community Conference to learn.

Community and Participation Focused

GCC is a community driven event. Training topics are nominated and then voted on by the community. The scientific program community that selects talks and posters (submitted by the community) comes from the community. Birds-of-a-feather sessions, a vital and thriving part of GCCs, are driven by the community. GCC does not have attendees: We have participants. Come prepared to engage.


GCC has met annually since 2010 and the program has grown and transformed each year. We hope to see you at the next event.

Dates Event Where Hosts Attendees
July 10-16, 2023 GCC2023 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Galaxy Australia 131
July 17-23, 2022 GCC2022 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Minnesota Supercomputing Institute and GalaxyP Project, University of Minnesota 131
June 28-July 10, 2021 GCC2021 Online, Global VIB 398
July 17-26, 2020 BCC2020 Online, Global Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Galaxy Australia / Australian BioCommons 804
July 1-6, 2019 GCC2019 Freiburg, Germany Freiburg Galaxy Project, the University of Freiburg, and de.NBI (the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure) 231
June 25-30, 2018 GCCBOSC 2018 Portland, Oregon, United States Oregon Health & Science University 306
June 26-30, 2017 GCC2017 Montpellier, France IFB, CNRS, INRA, Inria, INSERM, CEA, CIRAD, IRD, Montpellier Events 205
June 25-29, 2016 GCC2016 Bloomington, Indiana, United States Indiana Universtiy 206
July 6-8, 2015 GCC2015 Norwich, England, United Kingdom The Sainsbury Laboratory 230
June 30 - July 2, 2014 GCC2014 Baltimore, Maryland, United States Dept of Biological Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University 217
June 30 - July 2, 2013 GCC2013 Oslo, Norway University of Oslo 219
July 25-27, 2012 GCC2012 Chicago, Illinois, United States University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, Computation Institute 202
May 25-26, 2011 GCC2011 Lunteren, The Netherlands NBIC 148
May 15-17, 2010 GDC2010 Cold Spring Harbor, New York, United States CSHL 69

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