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Galaxy @ ISMB/ECCB/BOSC 2017

Galaxy every day, and a Tutorial, a BoF and a Dinner too

Galaxy @ ISMB/ECCB/BOSC 2017

Does the Prague astronomical clock resemble a dinner plate?

There are Galaxy-related events and presentations every day at ISMB/ECCB 2017 and BOSC 2017:

Galaxy Community Dinner: Monday, 24 June, 8pm

The Galaxy Community will be gathering at ISMB/ECCB/BOSC 2017 over dinner on Monday, 24 July at 8pm. Interested? Then sign up now! Dinner is pay-your-own-way and space is limited. Once it's full, it's full, so please signup today. See the sign up form for more information.

See you in Prague!