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Building a regional Galaxy and Community @ INCOB 2019

There's a workshop and a talk too

Building a regional Galaxy Community and Platform at INCOB 2019

Galaxy, and especially the Galaxy Australia community will have a strong presence at INCOB 2019 in Jakarta. There will be an Introduction to Galaxy workshop and a conference talk about the Galaxy Australia platform.

In addition, we will be holding a breakout session on Thursday morning with the goal of Building a regional Galaxy Community and Platform for regions of Asia and Oceania. This breakout will describe existing regional Galaxy communities and platforms, and discuss (and hopefully kickstart) a regional community and platform in this part of the world.

Several regional communities and resources already exist in the Galaxy ecosystem. Galaxy Australia operates a nationally distributed federation of compute resources, where individual researcher analysis requests are assigned according to a sophisticated rules system optimised for rapid result generation. Galaxy Europe operates an international infrastructure to support the research needs of life scientists in Europe. Other efforts (such as Galaxy Africa) are in the works. These efforts also serve as community hubs for their regions.

About Galaxy
Galaxy is a widely used and deployed open-source platform that integrates thousands of analysis tools, and supports data integration and analysis, workflow creation, data visualization, and sharing and publishing your analyses and pipelines. Galaxy is also a global community of researchers, programmers, trainers, and users all doing and supporting data intensive research.

Interested? Then we hope to see you at INCOB.
Dave Clements, Gareth Price, Nuwan Goonesekera, and Simon Gladman