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Dec 9 Webinar: Use Galaxy on the web, the cloud, and your laptop too

Options for using Galaxy: everywhere and right now

Galaxy Project

This Galaxy webinar will introduce the many options for using Galaxy right now and anywhere in the world. We'll cover

  • Publicly accessible Galaxy servers on the web (there are over 100 of them)
  • Research and commercial cloud platforms, from Australia (Nectar) to the US (Jetstream, AnVIL), and everywhere in between (CloudLaunch)
  • On your laptop, using pre-packaged containers and virtual machines.

The webinar will be at 11am Eastern US time (see your time). Enis Afgan, Anton Nekrutenko, and Mike Schatz will present.

Interested? Please sign up now.

About Galaxy

Galaxy is a web-based data integration and analysis platform for the life sciences (and more). It is open source and freely available and installed at organizations around the world.