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January Papercuts Award winners

And February Papercuts is tomorrow


The January Papercuts CoFest offered prizes for 10 randomly selected contributors from the event.

We are pleased to announce that these contributors will receive a free calendar featuring 14 stunning and high-resolution pictures of living things from across the tree of life. The calendars also list several Galaxy events throughout the year.

The winners are:

Calendar picture

  • Catherine Bromhead, University of Melbourne
  • Helena Rasche, ErasmusMC
  • Anthony Bretaudeau, INRAE
  • Oleg Zharkov, University of Freiburg
  • Saskia Hiltemann, ErasmusMC
  • Estelle Ancelet, INRAE
  • And 4 people who have chosen to remain anonymous (perhaps to avoid the crowds that the calendars would draw during these pandemic times?)

Thanks to everyone who participated. The February Papercuts CoFest is on Thursday, Feburary 25. We aren't offering prizes in February, but they will return in the future.

Hope to see you at future events!