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2021 Google Summer of Code

Galaxy is participating

Open Genome Informatics

Galaxy is again participating in Google Summer of Code as part of the the Open Genome Informatics Consortium.

And we need your help, of course.

How to help

Galaxy Community, before March 29

Give some thought to what would make a good GSoC project and then propose them. Good ideas are both tractable and impactful. Also, consider if you have the time and expertise to server as a mentor. If you don't then can you identify who does? GSoc has extensive documentation describing best practices for both mentors and students. When you are ready, add your idea to the list of possible projects by adding it here or by sending your idea to Dave Clements.

Students, March 29 through April 12

Want to work with Galaxy? We hope you do, because we want to work with you. To be considered for GSoC we recommend:

  • Review the GSoC Student Guide from Google.
  • Review the possible project ideas.
  • If any of the projects interest you then reach out to the listed mentors to find out more.
  • Submit an application to Google no later than April 12.

We hope to work with you this summer!