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Call for GCC2021 CollaborationFest Cluster Ideas

Join the Galaxy Contributor Community


The 2021 Galaxy Community Conference wraps up with a two-day CollaborationFest, 9-10 July. CoFest will run 24 hours a day, following the sun for two days. It is a superb way to get involved with the Galaxy contributor community, and to improve the Galaxy ecosystem at the same time.

CoFest embraces all types of contribution including documentation, testing, tools, training material, infrastructure, and yes, even code. The CoFest is free.

Clusters are how we organize ourselves into smaller groups that are productive and approachable for new contributors. Clusters are created by the community, and you are invited to create new clusters and to join existing clusters.

Have an idea, or wondering what others have already proposed? Clusters can be added and expanded before, during and after the event (but sooner is better).

We know a cofest can be a bit intimidating for newcomers so this year we created a project specially suited for new people. If this is your first time at the CoFest and you are not sure about what you can work on, register your name under the CoFest Tour (aka CoFest 101) project in the proposals doc and we will make sure you get the most out of it.

Interested? Please add your ideas, register for the CoFest, and please join us on June 17, for the (completely optional) GCC2021 CoFest Prep Day.

We would love to have you.

Ignacio Eguinoa, GCC2021 CoFest Chair

About GCC2021

GCC2021 events will be held 28 June through July 10, and will be virtual, affordable, and globally accessible. GCC2021 features a 3 day conference, 6-8 July, with talks, Q&A, posters, demos, bird-of-a-feather, and plenty of networking. All meeting events will be repeated twice daily, 9 hours apart, making this event accessible to the world. All events, except for talks will be live in both time slots.

Early conference registration ends 1 June, after which registration costs for training and the meeting will go up (but CoFest will still be free).