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GCC2021 Conference Fellowships in honor of James Taylor

Apply by May 17

James and Alvy

We are very pleased to announce that, thanks to an anonymous donation, we have additional funding for up to 100 conference fellowships for the 2021 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2021) donated in honor of James Taylor. These fellowships cover all conference registration costs, and are available to students and post-docs based anywhere in the world.

GCC2021 will be held June 28 through July 10, and feature a week of training, a 3 day conference, and a multi-day CollaborationFest. It is an excellent venue for sharing your work and learning how others are addressing challenges in data-intensive science. The Training Week and CoFest will run around-the-clock, and the meeting content will be offered twice daily, 9 hours apart. Geography will not be a barrier to participating in GCC2021.

But GCC2021 is only an excellent opportunity if you are able to participate. These fellowships ensure that cost will also not be a barrier to participating.

Fellowship applications are open until May 17. If you are a student or post-doc working in data-intensive science then you are strongly encouraged to apply. The application is brief.

Note: These fellowships are in addition to the conference fellowships offered by the Galaxy Community Fund Board. Those fellowships are limited to researchers in developing economies.