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The new Storage dashboard

This PR adds a new Storage Dashboard feature to the Galaxy client. It is my first "big" PR for the frontend so I will appreciate comments on style, best practices, patterns, and recommendations!

General idea

The general idea is to have a centralized place where the user can have an overview of the disk usage and quota and provide them with tools to easily recover space or manage their data.

The current interface it's heavily inspired in Google's storage management (maybe too heavily :sweat_smile:) by keeping it simple and guiding the user as much as possible through the options.



The Storage Manager view has been designed to be easily extended with new operations to discover and free space. Adding more cleanup operations is a matter of editing the client/src/components/User/DiskUsage/Management/Cleanup/categories.js and adding a new category or a new operation to an existing category like this:

    name: _l("Old Items"), // Category name
    operations: [
            id: "old_datasets", // Unique identifier for this operation
            name: _l("Old datasets"), // The display name
            description: _l("Datasets that haven't been deleted but were not modified in quite some time"),
            fetchSummary: async () => { // Callback that gets the total recoverable space and the number of items to clear
                return { totalSize: 0, totalItems: 0 };
            fetchItems: async () => [], // Callback that fetches the actual items to clear
            cleanupItems: async () => {}, // Callback to purge/delete/clear a collection of items
            id: "old_histories",
            name: _l("Old histories"),
            description: _l("Histories that haven't been deleted but were not modified in quite some time"),
            fetchSummary: async () => {
                return { totalSize: 0, totalItems: 0 };
            fetchItems: async () => [],
            cleanupItems: async () => {},

This will add a new category Old Items with two operations to delete old datasets and histories. You just need to define proper functions for the fetchSummary, fetchItems, and cleanupItems callbacks.

Screenshot from 2022-01-04 14-24-54

Future work

  • This PR only adds one cleanup operation, more can/will be added in different PRs as extensions.
  • Add full support for multi quotas and different ObjectStores after https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/pull/14047 is completed.
  • In addition to the user-friendly usage cleanup utilities, we can add more options here to visually explore storage data with charts and other visualizations for power users.
  • Provide more context information about a particular item when reviewing it. Maybe a popover with more details, or links to history, etc.
  • Let us know your ideas!

Thanks to the reviewers Marius van den Beek and John Davis. Check out the code at #13113