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Galaxy Governance Status Update

Updates about the different governance bodies

The Galaxy Governance Model is now in place for a year and a half approximately and the different bodies are meeting regularly. Here are some updates about their activities.

Working Groups

The past 16th of June, the Galaxy Working Groups met to discuss the work done in the last months and the goals for the upcoming GCC2022 (it's almost here!).

Link to the slides

Technical Board

The Galaxy Working Groups leads are now meeting every 2 weeks to share their experience and find overlaps and synergies between them.

Galaxy Global Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets monthly twice, to cover as many timezones as possible.

Executive Board

The full Galaxy Executive (Exec) Board held their first meeting on Wednesday, June 29! The major discussions were about the purpose of the group, deciding to focus on the strategic scientific, technical, and global outreach partnerships and directions to pursue. The Exec also shared some considerations around GCC2023 and future meetings, thinking of new ways to engage the community globally and regionally.

The Exec will meet again in two months, then shift to quarterly meetings.