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Introduction to the EuroScienceGateway project administration and project management

Work Package 1 of the EuroScienceGateway project

The first Work Package of the EuroScienceGateway project will cover all aspects of project administration and project management to ensure effective reporting, and achievement of the project aims.

The actions within WP1 will start at the beginning of the project, in September 2022 and they will end in month 36 of the project, August 2025. The work package, led by the University of Freiburg, will create a framework for the project management of the project, ensure its execution, by monitoring the management meetings of the project. Data management, risk management and a long-term sustainability model, will also be included in the scope of this work package. Last, but not least, a good communication, dissemination and exploitation plan will be prepared, to support the constant use of the projects’ results and the connection with the other organizations, projects and initiatives under the same umbrella of developing European open infrastructure for fair data.