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Custom Galaxy Search

Note: All of these searches were consolidated into a single search in March 2017.

Galaxy Web Search Galaxy Mailing List Search Using Galaxy Web SearchGalaxy administration, tool, and deployment search

Galaxy now has several Google Custom Search engines that make it much easier to find answers to your questions about Galaxy. They are:
Name & URL Description
Galaxy Web Search Searches Galaxy Main, the mailing list archives, the Galaxy Hub, Galaxy's source code, and the /ToolShed. The results are returned in a unified list, and are also grouped into several categories.
Galaxy Mailing List Search Searches all the Galaxy mailing list archives.
UseGalaxy Search Search for information about using Galaxy. Searches Galaxy Main (UseGalaxy.org), this wiki (excluding the Admin pages), and the Galaxy-User and Galaxy-Announce mailing list archives.
GetGalaxy Search Search for information about installing, customizing, and developing Galaxy. Searches the Galaxy source code, the Tool Shed, this wiki (excluding the /Learn pages), and the Galaxy-Dev and Galaxy-Announce mailing list archives.

We strongly encourage you to give these try. Please send feedback and suggestions to outreach AT galaxyproject DOT org.


Dave Clements