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Developer Workshop January 23

Galaxy Developer Workshop
A one day [Galaxy Developer Workshop](http://evomics.org/workshops/galaxy-developer-workshop/) has been scheduled for 23 January in [Český Krumlov](http://www.ckrumlov.info/php/), Czech Republic, immediately following the [Workshop on Genomics](http://evomics.org/workshops/workshop-on-genomics/2012-genomics-cesky-krumlov/2012), (which also features Galaxy content).

This workshop is aimed at:

IT and Bioinformatics staff: Galaxy is an easy to use, web-based tool that enables your researchers to perform data integration and analysis, in house, without handholding from you. This workshop will teach you how to install your own instance of Galaxy, either on your local compute infrastructure, or on the cloud.

Bioinformatics tool developers: Galaxy provides mechanisms for integrating your own tools and the tools of others into Galaxy instances. This workshop will cover how to define your tools in Galaxy, and how to then make those definitions available for installation in any Galaxy instance, thus making your tools much more accessible to the research community.

This workshop also includes contributed talks from participants. If you have a topic of interest to the workshop’s audience, then please submit a short (500 words or less) abstract along with your registration. Topics do not have to be directly related to Galaxy, but they should be of interest to those working with the integration, analysis, and sharing of large biological datasets.

15 December is the preferred registration deadline. However, later registration will certainly be accepted dependent on availability. The registration fee is $200 USD (payment terms provided upon acceptance).

Dave Clements