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GlobusWorld 2014

Globus World 2014

GlobusWorld is this year’s biggest gathering of all things Globus. GlobusWorld 2014 features a features a Using Globus Genomics to Accelerate Analysis Tutorial, and a full half day on Globus Genomics in the main meeting, including a keynote by Nancy Cox and these accepted talks:

  • Globus Genomics: Enabling high-throughput cloud-based analysis and management of NGS data for Translational Genomics research at Georgetown, by Yuriy Gusev,
  • Improving next-generation sequencing variants identification in cancer genes using Globus Genomics, by Toshio Yoshimatsu
  • Globus Genomics: A Medical Center's Bioinformatics Core Perspective, by Anoop Mayampurath
  • Building a Low-budget Public Resource for Large-scale Proteomic Analyses, by Rama Raghavan

Globus Genomics is a Globus and Galaxy based platform for genomic analysis. GlobusWorld is being held April 15-17, in Chicago. And, GCC2014 is a Silver Sponsor of GlobusWorld.

Ravi Madduri