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Graph-based Genomes: PhDs in Oslo

Two PhD positions in bioinformatics and in biostatistics are available in Oslo (Norway) on graph-based representations of genomes, and in particular on developing methodology and software for analyzing various kinds of biological data represented on such graphs. Graphs can represent variation between individuals and thus allows a better representation of the full hereditary material of a species (or several related species). Extending the Galaxy system with functionality to allow users to construct, share and perform analyses on graph representations could make such enhanced representations available to a broad audience.

The positions are embedded within the HyperBrowser environment, which includes seven researchers and programmers working primarily on the development of genome analysis functionality, as well as around thirty more loosely coupled collaborators. For more on the HyperBrowser, check out an overview paper of previous developments, or try out our public server. The positions are also associated with a strategic research initiative that involves a group of biologists that among more have sequenced the Atlantic cod. The salary is good and there are good future career opportunities. Further details on the positions and how to apply are available in the full announcements.

Geir Kjetil Sandve