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January 27, 2012 Distribution & News Brief

Complete News Brief


  • Important metadata and Python 2.5 support corrections
  • SAMtools upgraded for version 0.1.18. Mpileup added.
  • Dynamic filtering, easy color options, and quicker indexing enhance Trackster
  • Set up your Galaxy instance to run cluster jobs as the real user, not the Galaxy owner
  • Improvements to metadata handling and searching in the Tool Shed
  • Improved solutions for schema access, jobs management, & workflow imports and inputs.
  • New datatypes (Eland, XML), multiple tool enhancements, and bug fixes.


new:     % hg clone http://www.bx.psu.edu/hg/galaxy galaxy-dist
upgrade: % hg pull -u -r 26920e20157f

Thanks for using Galaxy!

Jennifer Jackson

Galaxy Team