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New Galaxy Group @ CiteULike

Galaxy at CiteULike Social Bookmarking Service

A new Galaxy Group has been created at the CiteULike social bookmarking service to organize papers that are about, use, or reference Galaxy. The Galaxy Group is open to any CiteULike user (and anyone can become a CiteULike user). Group members can add papers to the group, assign tags, and rate papers.

CiteULike makes extensive use of tags to organize and categorize papers. The Galaxy group uses this set of tags to categorize papers. There are tags for the Galaxy project itself, galaxy installations, shared Galaxy objects, tutorials, papers on scientific workflow software, persistence and reproducibility, papers that use Galaxy in their methods (the largest group), and "other." Every paper has at least one tag (even if it is just "other").

If you want to help other Galaxy users and sites find papers that are relevant to them, or help the Galaxy Project keep track of what papers (and communities) are using Galaxy, then please help by adding relevant papers to the Galaxy Group Library and/or rating the papers that are there. We particularly need help with papers that were published before this year.

Update: Thanks to the efforts of Stephen Turner at the University of Virginia, the Galaxy CiteULike group is now mirrored on Mendeley.

Dave Clements