ABiMS Tools

Hosts tools/resources developed at the Station Biologique de Roscoff in collaboration with ABiMS.

This is a Tool Publishing server.



  • Available tools:
    • MicRhoDE workflow: places query sequences into MicRhoDE tree (type-1 rhodopsin phylogeny).
    • Renkan Blast: blast query sequences on 18S and 28S radiolaria databases (blastn).
    • WiseScaffolder: genome scaffolding of pre-assembled contigs using mate-pair data.
    • HECTAR: HEterokont subCellular TARgeting is a statistical prediction method designed to assign proteins to five different categories of subcellular targeting: Signal peptides, type II signal anchors, chloroplast transit peptides, mitochondrion transit peptides and proteins which do not possess any N-terminal target peptide.

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