Registering Accounts

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Registering for a Galaxy account

Updating account preferences


Admin setting up an instance? See our User Accounts page for more help, or different user authentication methods.

Learning and Teaching

Teaching with Galaxy? New and learning how to use it? Review the help under the masthead Learn area.

If you need more help, review FAQs under the masthead Support area. The most common usage issues and reasons for tool errors are covered in detail.

You can also visit the Galaxy Help forum to review prior QA and to ask a new question.

Account questions or problems

If you are having problems with your account or have misunderstandings about terms of usage, contact the server administrators where you are working.

Protect your password and keep it private. Server administrators will never need or ask for it. Other people will never need it. Share data, not accounts.

Do not allow other people to log into or use your account, for any reason. Do not log into other people's accounts. Both can lead to duplicated account issues. Use Galaxy's built-in share functions for collaborative work. FAQ: Sharing and Publishing your work

If you have already found your account suspended due to the use of duplicates, or from directly logging into other people's accounts or they yours, act quickly to clear things up. This Galaxy Help post explains how and why to resolve account issues: Accounts deleted to enforce posted terms and conditions

Account problems that can be resolved include proactively clearing up existing multiple or duplicated accounts.

  • Manage your own data and delete old/extra accounts under User > Preferences.
  • Multiple accounts that are detected, suspended, and administratively managed, without followup on your part, result in data loss. Creating another account is not the solution -- the new account will also be detected up as a duplicate and removed.
  • You will not receive a special notification when accounts are administratively managed due to a breach of the terms of service. The original terms of service included directly on the account registration form and in the account activation emails are your notice.
  • Should you have questions, contact the server administrators to get issues resolved correctly.