Account quotas

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Account quotas

How account quotas work

Each Galaxy server is independent. How much disk space to allocate for users is determined by the administrators of the instance.

If you are working at Galaxy Main (, each registered account is given 250 GB of space. Read more here.

Should you have problems after reviewing the options below, please let us know. Email from your registered account email address.

Does your account usage quota seem incorrect?

Log out of Galaxy, then back in again. This refreshes the disk usage calculation.

I need more space for my work

If the account usage is showing that quota is exceeded -over 250 GB:

  1. Find all Histories and purge (aka permenently delete) those not needed.

    • Under the Histories Options (gear icon, top of right History panel), choose Saved Histories from the list.
    • Click on Advanced Search, then choose status = all.
    • Locate deleted but not permemently deleted histories and purge them.
  2. Find all Datasets or just review those in the active history and purge (aka permenently delete) those not needed.

    • All datasets can be reviewed under User > Saved Datasets.
    • Within a History, deleted/permenently deleted Datasets can be reviewed by clicking on the deleted link at the top of the History panel, found immediately under the History name.
    • Or active (shown) and hidden datasets can be reviewed the same way.
    • Click on the far right "X" to delete a dataset.
    • To permenently delete: use the link from within the dataset, or use the Operations on Multiple Datasets function, or the Purge Deleted Datasets list item in the History menu.

    Also see: Delete versus Delete Permanently

I purged but still need more space!

Account quotas are fixed at Galaxy Main and are the largest offered on a public Galaxy server that we are aware of. For big projects, consider moving to a local or cloud Galaxy where you can control the resources.