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Summary:Robust phylogenetic analysis for everyone.


  • Free, simple to use web service dedicated to reconstructing and analysing phylogenetic relationships between molecular sequences.
  • Site is built on top of Galaxy, but uses an entirely novel interface to Galaxy.
  • Oneclick workflows are already preconfigured with default options that should work on the majority of usecases. The only required input is the sequence data file in Fasta format. Input data type (dna or protein) is detected automatically;
  • Advanced workflows have basically the same structure as oneclick workflows, but can be parametrized. It means that the user should customize the options of each step of the workflows: alignment, curation, tree inference.
  • Workflow maker allows the user to choose the combination of tools that suits best his/her needs, and to customize the parameters.
  • Individual tools may be run if specific taks are required.
  • The server does not look like Galaxy, but it uses the Galaxy@Pasteur server for data analysis and workflow execution.

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