GalaxyAdmins Future Directions (circa 2015)


First, some background history, and then a list of open questions circa 2015. The regular online meetings resumed and continued until early 2017, with a final in person meeting during GCCBOSC 2018. Discussion has since shifted to Galaxy Project Gitter "Admins".


The GalaxyAdmins group came out of an email from Ann Black-Zeigelbein at the University of Iowa, in Spring 2012. The first web meetup was in July 2012, followed by an in-person meetup at GCC2012 later that month. Have had web meetups every two months since then.

Ann led the group through the September meetup. Starting with the November 2012 meetup, the group has been led by Srinivas Maddhi, also at the University of Iowa. Dave Clements has provided assistance to the group, and starting with the January 2013 meetup, a Galaxy Team rep has also provided a short project update at each meetup.

The group's current goals were established at the first meetup:

  1. Build a community
  2. Learn from each other.

The activities of this group have so far been:

  1. Meeting online every other month for a presentation by a group member, a short project update, and Q\&A.
  2. Meeting in person at Galaxy events - at GCC2012, GCC2013, GCC2014
  3. Running an initial survey to find out how members have deployed and are using Galaxy.

We used the Univerisity of Iowa's Blackboard Collaborate software to host, record, and replay meetups.

Going Forward

Starting in February 2015, we will resume our bi-monthly web meetups.


The GalaxyAdmins group has been hiatus for a while. Though, the discussion about this group's future has never stopped:

GalaxyAdmins Goals and Activities

  • What activities and goals should we pursue in the future?
  • Should we continue with meetups as we have?
  • Should we do anything else?
  • Should we be striving for a full-fledged Galaxy User Group?


When Srinivas took over for Ann in fall 2012, he agreed to be the interim leader of the group. Beginning 2015, Hans-Rudolf Hotz took over the leadership.

Leadership Model

So far GalaxyAdmins leadership hasn't been "selected" per se, but has rather emerged. This ad hoc approach ("You're it!") has worked so far, but is not the best long term model.

Should the group select its leadership (and if so, how)? How long should people serve? Should we have more than one officer?

Does this group even want / need leadership, or will just having someone make sure meetings happen be enough? That would involve logistic and organization support only.

Leadership Selection

How do we pick leaders? There is no official membership roll to nominate from, or restrict voting to. Do we do this electronically, or in person at the next GCC?