2015-10-15 Web Meetup

Date 15 October 2015
Time 5 pm Central European Summer Time
Topics Galaxy at Analome – Outreach, Opportunity and Challenges
David Kovalic, Analome Inc.
At Analome Galaxy has found another home and we like it for numerous reasons. In this talk we will present the multifaceted role Galaxy plays at Analome and how it supports ongoing bioinformatics projects while at the same time providing opportunities for social good.
News from the Galaxy project
Galaxy Wiki Replacement: Options, thoughts, and questions
Links Video, Galaxy @ Analome Slides, Wiki Replacement Slides

GalaxyAdmins is a discussion group for Galaxy community members who are responsible for Galaxy installations.

Call Technology

April 2015 GalaxyAdmina Meetup, Online Conference Room

The meetup's online conference room will open 15 minutes before the meetup. The call will use Johns Hopkins' Adobe Connect server, which in turn uses Adobe Flash. You are encouraged to connect a few minutes early to work out any unexpected bumps.

Instructions for Participants

  • You can ask questions either by raising your hand or by typing the question in the chat box.
    • If you raise your hand, the host will need to recognize you.
    • If you ask a question verbally, please wear headphones. Not wearing headphones lead to unpleasant feedback.