University of Notre Dame
2016-08-18 Web Meetup

Date 18 August 2016
Time 5 pm Central European Time
Topics Dynamic Job Expansion: Experiences using Makeflow in Galaxy (Slides)
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GalaxyAdmins is a discussion group for Galaxy community members who are responsible for Galaxy installations.



Makeflow is a workflow engine for executing large complex workflows on clusters, clouds, and grids. Nick will talk about Notre Dame's experiences with combining Makeflow and Galaxy.

More information on this work is available:

Scaling Up Bioinformatics Workflows with Dynamic Job Expansion: A Case Study Using Galaxy and Makeflow, Nicholas Hazekamp, Joseph Sarro, Olivia Choudhury, Sandra Gesing, Scott Emrich, Douglas Thain; e-Science (e-Science), 2015 IEEE 11th International Conference on, Aug. 31 2015-Sept. 4 2015, DOI:10.1109/eScience.2015.39

Call Technology

April 2015 GalaxyAdmin Meetup, Online Conference Room

The meetup's online conference room will open 15 minutes before the meetup. The call will use Johns Hopkins' Adobe Connect server, which in turn uses Adobe Flash. You are encouraged to connect a few minutes early to work out any unexpected bumps.

Instructions for Participants

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