2016 Galaxy Community Conference

June 25-29, Bloomington, Indiana


There is no better place than a Galaxy Community Conference to meet and learn from others doing data-intensive biology. GCC2016 will continue this tradition by again including Birds of a Feather (BoF) meetups. Birds of a Feather meetups are informal gatherings where participants group together based on common interests.

BoF meetups are encouraged throughout GCC2016. We particularly want to encourage BoFs that flock at the end of each day, when time and space have been allocated for them.

GCC2016 BoFs

The current list of BoFs is available on the conference web site. BoFs are posted as soon as they are proposed. The exact time and schedule for each will be set later.

Want to plan a BoF?

To launch a Birds of a Feather meetup submit your BoF idea here. Once submitted, the conference organizers will create the BoF in the conference schedule, and give you edit access.

BoF Support

The conference enables and encourages BoFs by

  • Encouraging conference participants to organize BoFs
  • Promote BoFs to all conference participants, over and over, both before and during the conference.
  • Coordinate and reserve rooms for BoFs, and allocate time in the schedule for them too.