2022 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2022)

July 17-23, 2022

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


Childcare will be offered at GCC2022!

If you would like to bring your kids to GCC2022, that'd be just swell. We offered childcare on site in 2019 and at an offsite day-care in 2018. The childcare for GCC2022 will be available via the University of Minnesota services. Here are more details:

  • Childcare will be available during the meeting from the University of Minnesota Nanny Services.
  • The cost of the childcare will not be covered or subsidized by the conference.
  • Infants, nursing infants, nursing mothers, and parents are warmly welcomed during all meeting and CoFest events.
  • Please consider bringing your family to the conference dinner. Tickets can be purchased during the registration.