2022 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2022)

July 17-23, 2022

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States



Training has been a key part of Galaxy Community Conference since GCC2012. To mark our 10th year of training at GCC we are offering training at two different times and in two different formats.

Training Day: Friday, July 8; Online, free and global

The GCC2022 Training Day will be held on Friday, July 8, a full week before the GCC2022 Conference starts. This event will be virtual, free, and global. Training will be asynchronous, go at your own pace, and using Galaxy Training Network materials. Support will be available on the GTN slack channel, for the entire day, no matter what time zone you are.

Introductory topics will be covered on Training Day. Training on more advanced topics, will be offered live, during the conference...

Training at the Conference: July 17-20; In-Person

There will be in-person training session each day of the conference. Each day's session will be 2.5 hours long. The topics covered will build on the introductory topics offered during Training Day. Having 4 days of training of will enable us to offer up to 20 different topics during the GCC2022 meeting.

Note: Given that we will likely have 5 parallel sessions each day, it is unlikely these sessions will be recorded. However, all training materials will be available after the conference.

Training Schedule

Check out the conference schedule site for the details on the training events.