Dec 3, 2012 Distribution & News Brief

December 3rd 2012

Complete News Brief


  • NGS: Mapping tools Bowtie and Lastz have moved from the Galaxy distribution to the Galaxy Main Tool Shed.
  • Improvements in the display of repository dependencies and contents.
  • More Tool Shed updates including details of the Functional test framework, a new hgweb.config file and HgWebConfigManager tool, plus other management features.
  • Updated UI display and functionality for datasets and histories: new paused state and "resume/paused" toggle, new History menu options (seen at right →), and improved Scatterplot visualizations.
  • The SGE job runner has now been fully deprecated and replaced with DRMAA.
  • Several enhancements to aid with reproducibility: "Re-run" and "Extract workflow" validates datasets and tools, respectively, and a new data tables registry within the Administration menu, along with associated tools, corrects or warns about tool migration issues.
  • Highlights from the new Galaxy CloudMan release and December 2012 Galaxy Update.

new:     $ hg clone galaxy-dist
upgrade: $ hg pull -u -r f364d992270c

Thanks for using Galaxy!

The Galaxy Team