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GalaxyAdmins is returning to a device near you

And we want your ideas


After a two year hiatus, the bimonthly online GalaxyAdmins meetups will return on February 28. GalaxyAdmins is a discussion group for Galaxy community members who are responsible for Galaxy installations. Our online meetups are around an hour long and feature a presentation followed by an open discussion. It's a great place to catch up on what your fellow admins are thinking about.

But, before we start meeting next year, we need to know what you care about. What do you want to learn? Who do you want to hear from? What's causing you trouble? Or, what have you worked that your fellow GalaxyAdmins would benefit from knowing?

Got some ideas? Nominate them

We hope to see you in February,

Helena Rasche and Dave Clements

Q: Why did the bimonthly meetups go away for two years?

A: In early 2017, Hans-Rudolf stepped down after several years of leading the group. Dave C promised Hans-Rudolf that he would keep these going. But then, Dave saw something shiny, and then, a while later, he heard Helena calling, as if from a great distance, saying "I want those GalaxyAdmins meetups again." And so they are back, with Helena leading us fearlessly into the future.*

* This is all approximately true.