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Galaxy Africa learns from Galaxy Australia's experiences

Galaxy Australia guru Simon Gladman represents the Galaxy community at the Galaxy Africa

Following Galaxy Australia’s very successful representation at Jakarta for the INCOB 2019 meeting, Dave Clements of the Galaxy project asked our resident Galaxy guru Simon Gladman to represent the Galaxy community at the Galaxy Africa and ISCB-Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics being held in Ghana in November 2019.

Galaxy Africa is developing into a strong community and this was an opportunity to welcome them into the broader Galaxy community. Over two days prior to the ISCB conference, a series of talks and training sessions were held. Simon ran the Galaxy administrators’ workshop and assisted at others. Attendees came from over twelve states in Africa. The meetings also presented an opportunity for Simon to talk about how Galaxy Australia is structured and to discuss mutual problem solving efforts. The Galaxy community in Africa is building up capacity and outreach, seeking ways to operate systems administration for large scale Galaxy servers. Once operational, they hope to join the global “usegalaxy.*” network.

Our thanks to Simon’s generous hosts at this terrific community building event: Galaxy Project Team (Dave Clements, Jennifer Vessio, Marten Čech, KNUST University, Kumasi (Pandam Salifu, Michael Thompson, SANBI (Peter van Heusden, Thoba Lose, Alan Christoffels), ISCB – ASBCB (Bel Hanson, Amel Ghouila).

Excerpted from the Melbourne Bioinformatics End of year update.