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Galaxy Community Log Board

Galaxy Community Log Board

Note: the Community Log Board was integrated into the Galaxy Blog in September 2017.

The Galaxy Community Log Board is a place to share how you addressed a particular task in your Galaxy deployment. Log entries describe specific solutions to particular tasks, such as the details of what steps were taken to deploy Galaxy on particular platforms, or specific stumbling blocks when configuring Galaxy. Solutions can be described on this wiki, or just some metadata and a link to the description elsewhere. Log entries are an easy way to help others (and learn from others) by sharing what you've already done. If you have figured out or documented how to do something, then this is the ideal forum for sharing that information with the community.

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The Galaxy Community Log Board describes how things can be done, and it complements the (also recently announced) Galaxy Deployments Catalog, which describes different Galaxy installations. Both the Log Board and the Deployments Catalog came out of discussions at the GCC2013 GalaxyAdmins Birds-of-a-Feather gathering. Thanks to everyone who attended that BoF.

Dave Clements