Commercial Galaxy Support

Galaxy servers and support are available in a wide variety of different ways, including commercial solutions. This lists the commercial providers that we are aware of

Hosted Galaxy solutions


GalaxyWorks offers Galaxy Pro, as a fully-managed Galaxy service with no usage quotas, a validated toolset, and Pro workflows.

GalaxyWorks, LLC

GalaxyWorks was founded by several Galaxy Project's community members to enable scientists to continue to rely on Galaxy as they roll through chapters in their careers and switch between academia and industry. Galaxy Pro offers the following advantages:

  • Managed software, saving time and cost of installing, updating, and maintaining infrastructure and software
  • Pro workflows, as a set of high-quality, versatile pipelines that are available out-of-the box and are accompanied by documentation and test data
  • Support, via dedicated help and customizations to include tool updates or pipeline development

Intero Life Sciences

Intero Life Sciences offers Galaxy Enterprise, a set of support services for Galaxy, including:

Galaxy Enterprise from Intero Life Sciences

  • Subscription/Contract Based Enterprise-Level Support
  • Turn-key Customized Workflows
  • Professional Services & Consulting
  • Production Environment Optimization
  • Data Integration Outsourcing Services
  • Enterprise Cloud Environment with SLA

    • Fully managed and hosted on cloud Galaxy Enterprise with various levels of SLAs.
    • Dedicated servers with dedicated secure access (VPN) including data storage and management.
  • Galaxy Enterprise Certification Training

Noor Biotechnologies

Noor Biotechnologies Ltd.

Galaxy is a powerful and open, web-based platform, which is accessible to all scientists. For the beginner, it can be difficult to know how to select from the thousands of available tools, which ones are right for your data analysis.

In addition, for microbiology, few public Galaxy servers are available and their use could be limited to subscribers or collaborators only. Many tools, which specially designed for microbiology, are not available in Galaxy main.

At Noor Biotechnologies we support your genomics research by:

  1. Helping you identify the correct genomics applications that answer your research questions.
  2. Providing support in the design of your sequencing experiment.
  3. Training you in using Galaxy for high throughput data analysis.
  4. Providing help in selecting the correct bioinformatics tools and work workflows on either public Galaxy servers or to customize your own local Galaxy server.
  5. Offering a deep understanding of microbial genomics.

With Noor Biotechnologies, you can make sense of your microbial genomics data

Onsite Turnkey Systems

Takeru Galaxy

[NABE3 International](

The Takeru Galaxy server is offered by NABE3 International, a manufacturer specializing in Linux-based clusters based in Tsukuba, Japan. Takeru Galaxy servers come as a fully configured (hardware and software) system featuring numerous standard biomedical analysis tools and reference genomes, all available in a Galaxy server. Customization and multiple support options are available.

Hosting and Commercial Cloud Solutions


CloudMan and Globus Genomics are two ways to deploy your own Galaxy server using Amazon Web Services. CloudMan can also run on any cloud provider that supports the OpenStack or OpenNebula cloud management protocols. This covers the vast majority of commercial cloud providers.

See the Galaxy Cloud page for more and specific offerings..