Securely Authorize Galaxy to Access Protected Data on Cloud

On this page we explain a method that enables a user to securely authorize Galaxy to access their privately hosted data on cloud. This method uses industry standards for user identification and their accesss control: OpenID Connect protocol and role-based access control model. Accordingly, this method has the following advantages:

  • Users do NOT need to share their credentials with Galaxy;
  • User's identity and granted previliges (theoretically) cannot be impersonated or hijacked;
  • Galaxy accesses protected data on cloud assuming a role, which is defined by the user and has independent privileges;
  • Galaxy's access can be audited, restricted, elevate, and revoked by the user at anytime, independent from any other service and the user themself.

To provide readers with a gist of this method, we have prepared a demo with all the pre-bake settings and configurations, which is discussed on this page.

To use this method a user needs to take the following steps:

  1. Login to Galaxy using Google account (or any other supported OIDC-based identity provider). Read this page for details;
  2. Setup a provider-specific cloud authorization in Galaxy:

    1. read how to setup cloud authorization for AWS;
    2. read how to setup cloud authorization for Azure;
    3. read how to setup cloud authorization for GCP.

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