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CloudMan manages a set of applications that are referred to as services. Some of the services are user-facing applications (e.g., Galaxy) while others are dependencies for other services and are not used by end-users directly (e.g., NodeJSProxy). A complete list of services managed by CloudMan is available on the CloudMan Admin page; that page also allows you to control the state of those services. Below if a list of the available services; if additional information is available about a specific service, it is available by clicking on the service name:

  • Post Start Script (PSS) - a custom script provided via a URL that's run at the end of the server bootstrap process
  • Cloudera Manager - an service manager used to deploy Big Data services (e.g., Hadoop)
  • Cloudgene - a graphical user interface application for Hadoop-based workflows
  • Galaxy - the flagship service with more information available throughout this wiki; the application is available at the instance root URL/IP
  • Nginx - a proxy server used to serve static content and proxy URIs to local service ports
  • NodeJSProxy - a NodeJS proxy server used by the IPython Interactive Environment
  • Postgres - a dedicated, production-quality database used by Galaxy
  • ProFTPd - an FTP server used to upload large files into Galaxy
  • Pulsar - a remote job execution engine for Galaxy enabling cloud-bursting
  • Slurmctld - central management daemon for the Slurm job manager
  • Slurmd - compute node daemon for the Slurm job manager
  • Supervisor - Supervisord daemon used to manage select services (e.g., NodeJSProxy)

It is possible to add additional service to CloudMan by implementing a service interface for the given application. Get in touch with us if you're interested in adding a new service.