2012-09-19 Conference Call



  • Slides: Alex Moskalenko: 2012-09-19-Galaxy_Managers-UFL-Moskalenko.pdf
  • Screencast: Unfortunately the recording starting a bit late for our up front discussion about logistics (name change/common time). But it began right after Alex starting his presentation (the important part!).

Meeting Summary

We have a new name! The group formally known as GalaxyCzars is now Galaxy-Admins. Thank you to Hans-Rudolf Hotz for the winning suggestion - cheers to you Hans-Rudolf! Thanks to to all the other great and humorous suggestions submitted: GalaxyCaretakers, GalaxyHackers, GalaxySudoers, GalaxyLocals, GalaxyCommons.

We have set a common meeting time. We will meet every other month (starting in January) on the third Wednesday of the month at 10 am central time (Chicago, USA).

Next Meeting - mark your calendars!: November 2012. The third Wed falls Thanksgiving week, so we are still working on the date. UAB to present (THANK YOU!).

Special thanks to Alex Moskalenko for presenting!

Next Meeting

The next conference call will happen in November. We are looking for January Volunteers! If you have a large Galaxy installation, please consider telling the group about it.